05/2016 : The Launch & the Expo



Hi, Welcome to my first post on my new website.

Who I am ? When did I start photography ? Why ?

My name is Eric Lombardi. I’m a Frenchman who “surprisingly or not…” lives in France, in the Alps,  at a spitting distance from Grenoble. Photography has been my passion for many, many years … unfortunately… 🙂

My love of adventure and travel has always been with my photography. I can’t imagine exploring the world without my camera. A photograph is or should be always the intimate expression of the photographer’s personality. I also have always believed that every picture speaks a special message according to the viewer. That’s what I strive to share through my collections.

And… mmm… Oh Yes !!!  I take the opportunity of this first fresh post to also inaugurate my new and first exhibit “ Wild Wild West”. I assume most of you guys will probably not come to France to celebrate it, chatting over a glass of champagne… Too bad 🙂

I hope you enjoy my shots anyway, as I continue to add to these collections.

PS: First website, first exhibit, first post. It seems everything around is new…except maybe me 🙂

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